Centering Servingness Webinar Series

The Centering Servingness Webinar Series, sponsored by Faculty Affairs and HSI Initiativesis a year-long Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) webinar series that features the scholarship of University of Arizona faculty and staff, who engage in servingness1 efforts that honor the cultures and lived experiences of Latina/o/x, Black, Indigenous, and under-represented students and communities.

The goals of the series are three-fold:

  1. By spotlighting current scholarship, we offer examples of the rich ways in which servingness is enacted by our incredible faculty and staff;
  2. We invite others, both on campus and nationally, to learn about and engage in these efforts;  
  3. We build knowledge. Each month we will address the question - what next steps are needed to build institutional capacity around HSI servingness?

The series is FREE and OPEN to the public. All times are listed in Arizona time. 

For more information contact Judy Marquez Kiyama at sends e-mail)

"Servingness" Defined: Engaging Latina/o/x students through culturally enhancing, equitable approaches that offer transformative experiences leading to both academic and non-academic outcomes. (Garcia & Koren, 2020)
Centering Servingness SERIES  2020 - 2021