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Building Community & Belonging Among LatinX Faculty & Staff

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Our strength is fueled by the rich cultural tapestry made up of every member of our campus.

The mission of the Latinx Faculty & Staff Association at the University of Arizona is to build community among the Latinx faculty, staff and other interested professionals, by empowering employees regardless of discipline or rank. Through voice, support, and service – we will foster an inclusive workplace in the spirit of culture and the advancement of personal and professional growth.

We are a community comprised of and for all Latinx faculty and staff. We welcome guests and families to our open functions and programs.

Our Association was established in 2021 and charged with building a sense of community and belonging through the empowerment of the Latinx identity, values and goals.

Through servingness, strategically leveraging campus resources, and finding joy – we can expand the potential of our faculty and staff.

Connection: Fostering relationships, support, network and servingness

Community: Sense of belonging and empowerment

Culture: Representation, recognition, and shared values


Lysette Davi, PhD-

Ashlee Linares- Gaffer-



Spring 2023 Events


  • 2/8 from 3:30-5:30, Spring Community Building Event – Main UArizona Bookstore
  • 2/16 from 12:00- 1:00pm, Monthly Cafecito, In-person option: 811 N. Euclid or Zoom option: 830 4728 4696


  • 3/16 from 12:00- 1:00pm, Monthly Cafecito, In-person option: 811 N. Euclid or Zoom option: 830 4728 4696


  • 4/20 – Familia Picnic and LFSA Awards, more details forthcoming

We're Committed To Inclusion

At the University of Arizona, we embed the principles of diversity and equity into Every Wildcat, Every Day – practicing both inclusion and compassion in every interaction from every office, division, and college. We believe in tackling the greatest global challenges of today and tomorrow through action-oriented, community-based inclusive excellence.