Grants and Research Development


As a research-intensive (R1), land-grant, Hispanic Serving Institution, the UA has the opportunity to leverage these institutional identities in meaningful and unique ways.

Although the HSI designation does not automatically result in any additional funding to higher education institutions, the opportunity to competitively apply for federal funding earmarked to support HSIs is available. 

Such funds are designed to assist HSIs to expand educational opportunities and improve institutional conditions in support of degree attainment of students with diverse backgrounds.  These grants can enable HSIs to thoughtfully and equitably expand and enhance their academic offerings, the quality of programs and services, and institutional capacity to better serve students with diverse backgrounds.  

Who we are:

A team with expertise in proposal development, institutional data analysis, evidence-based practices, and other grant and research development resources.

HSI Initiatives staff offers the following services:

  • Consultation with individuals or teams to strategize proposal development
  • Request institutional data that strengthen proposal arguments
  • Receive access to UA Box files with grant tools and resources

Grant Opportunities with Equity and Broadening Participation Focus


3 Month Planning Calendar.pdf

HSI Grant Types:

HSI Grant Types.pdf


HSI Grants Development Institute