AZ HSI Consortium- Evidence Based Practices

2024 Evidence-Based Practices Nominations have now closed.
Purpose of Evidence-Based Practices Process
The AZ HSI Consortium sought to create a community-informed process to identify, review, catalogue, highlight, and share evidence-based practices within an HSI context known to effectively move the needle towards greater college access, persistence, retention, transfer, and degree attainment for Latinx students in Arizona. In documenting and promoting evidence-based practices we seek to: (1) create a process for determining “what works” for Arizona HSIs, (2) inform education and community leaders on practices that optimize Latinx college student success, (3) highlight and amplify practices producing positive student outcomes within culturally validating environments, and (4) illuminate continued gaps and opportunities for advocacy and investment. 
What do we mean by evidence-based practices? 
Evidence-based practices demonstrate a record of success for improving student outcomes that have gone through a systematic review process to evaluate their level of evidence. Evidence-based practices generate feasibility and effectiveness by providing valuable information on how practices work in different institutions and among different students populations, and help identify gaps, sustaining practices, and provides concrete information that can inform opportunities for scaling (Mazzotti, Rowe, Cameto, Test, & Morningstar, 2013; Cook & Cook, 2016).
What do we mean by evidence-based practices at AZ HSIs? 
We seek to uncover and highlight evidence-based practices that produce positive student outcomes with special attention to culturally affirming and validating educational environments. 
What do we mean by Culturally Relevant Practices?

Please visit the Culturally Responsive Curriculum Development Institute to learn about Culturally Relevant Practices.


We are pleased to have a committee compromised of dedicated professionals from across Arizona. 


  • Karla Cruze-Silva, PhD, Associate Director, Hispanic Serving Institution Initiatives, University of Arizona

Committee Members

  • Sarah Kyte, PhD, Senior Research Scientist & Faculty Affiliate, Center for the Study of Higher Education, University of Arizona
  • Mara Lopez, PhD, Associate Director, Research, Center for Broadening Participation in STEM, Arizona State University
  • Roxanne Murphy, M.Ed, Director, Postsecondary Attainment, Arizona Board of Regents
  • Paulette Nevarez, Graduate Assistant, AZ HSI Consortium
  • Felicia Ramirez-Perez, Ed.D., Dean of Enrollment Services, Chandler Gilbert Community College
  • Grace Smith Kaus, Director, Postsecondary Success Initiative, Helios Educational Foundation
  • Anne Suzuki, Dean of Student Development, Chandler Gilbert Community College
  • Winona Thirion, Dean of Student Affairs, Scottsdale Community College
  • Arturo Torres, Education Abroad Advisor, Northern Arizona University
  • Cynthia Villareal, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership, Northern Arizona University 
  • C.J. Wurster, Ed.D, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Phoenix College
  • Jeff Zetino, Director of Policy and Research, ALL in Education

AZ HSI Evidence Based Practices Awardees

Check out our AZ HSI Evidence Based Webinar recording! Learn more about the 2023 AZ HSI Evidence Based Practice programs/initiatives that were selected.