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Project ADELANTE: Advancing Culturally Responsive Place-Based Educational Opportunities for Latinx Students in the Borderlands

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This U.S. Department of Education Title V DHSI grant seeks to strategically strengthen retention, degree completion, career readiness, and post-graduation success for Hispanic/Latinx and low-income students, where gaps exist compared to their peers. Through an intentionally designed suite of culturally responsive place-based educational activities, Project “ADELANTE: Advancing Culturally Responsive Place-Based Educational Opportunities for Latinx Students in the Borderlands,” will (1) increase students’ access to place-based culturally responsive educational experiences, (2) increase students’ career readiness and post-graduation success, and (3) strengthen institutional capacity to increase place-based culturally responsive educational experiences for our Hispanic/Latinx and low-income students to support their persistence rates, sense of belonging on campus, and career readiness. Project ADELANTE leverages local expertise and knowledge, proximity to the U.S.-Mexico “Borderlands” region, and evidence-based strategies to accomplish its objectives and activities. The activities designed for this Title V program will allow UArizona to expand and enhance the academic offerings, program quality, faculty know-how, and institutional stability critical to the success of our students.

To ensure long-term sustainability and maximum impact, Project ADELANTE represents a strategic partnership between key units across UArizona: HSI Initiatives, the Critical Service-Learning Program in the Spanish and Portuguese Department, Student Engagement and Career Development; Borderlands Education Center in the College of Education, Academic Affairs, and Cultural & Inclusive Experiential Learning Opportunities.

Project ADELANTE Team

Dr. Ana Cornide, Project Director for Project ADELANTE and Project Lead, Borderlands Service-Learning Program (

Citlati Lopez, Student Worker

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  • Dr. Marla Franco, Vice President, Hispanic Serving Institution Initiatives 
  • Dr. Judy Marquez Kiyama, Professor, Center for the Study of Higher Education
  • Abra McAndrew, M.A., M.B.A., Assistant Vice President, Access, Engagement & Opportunity


Program Coordinator: Ash Parra (

  • Career Readiness in the Borderlands
    • La Chamba Workshop (collaboration Adalberto and Ana Guerrero Student Center)
      • Nicole Paulina Gil Lopez, Professional Development Peer Mentor
      • Dafne Sofia Jimenez, Health and Wellness Peer Mentor
    • Experiential Learning in the Borderlands
      • Anne Kurtin, Senior Associate Director, Integrated Learning Partnerships SECD (
    • Summer Service - Learning Internships
    • Integration and development of new partnerships
      • Brenda Lara Rodriguez ( – Critical Service Learning & Community Outreach,
        Spanish and Portuguese Department

Project Lead: Melani Martinez ( Culturally Responsive Curriculum Expansion in First-year Foundational Writing Courses; Validation of Student Traditional and Experiential Knowledge.

  • Professional Development for the writing program instructors
  • Writing Program Faculty Initiative Collaborators: David A. Reyes (
  • Writing Program Instructor & Professional Development - Leo Rios (

Project Lead: Dr. Iliana Reyes. Professional Development for Faculty & Staff; Experiential Learning; Institutional Capacity building








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