AROMAS -  Abuelitas Reaching Out to Mentor & Apapachar Students

AROMAS -  Abuelitas Reaching Out to Mentor & Apapachar Students celebrates every 3rd Thursday of the month for a warm, free, and delicious homemade meal cooked with love by abuelitas (or grandmothers) from our community. This is an opportunity to talk to the abuelitas, ask for their advice, and enjoy their delicious food. One of the most popular recurring events out of the Guerrero Student Center, this is  an opportunity to build community with the dozens of undergraduate students, graduate students, staff and faculty members it draws every time!

Message from The Guerrero Student Center Abuelitas(os)

“On behalf of the the Guerrero Student Center Abuelitas(os), Welcome/Bienvenidos!  We come to the Guerrero Student Center each month to participate in AROMAS, which literally translated means SCENTS or SMELLS in Spanish – it refers to the smell of the food that we traditionally prepare for you every month.  As much as we enjoy feeding you, however, we enjoy talking with you even more.  Our years of work experience, our contacts throughout the University and Tucson and our willingness to share all of this with you make our visits special.  More importantly, we want to hear from you and how we can make your experience at the University of Arizona better." 

For more information about the AROMAS program, please visit the Guerrero Student Center website.